Friends of Museum

Artists Nicholas Shaplyko and Ekaterina Sorokina have transformed the former Masonic lodge into what they call a ”temple of art”. It’s a whimsical place with serious ambitions. They call their home/studio the Museum of Modern Renaissance, and while it’s not generally open to the public, they hope it will stand as a permanent testament to the old-fashioned values they believe in.
Artists Armen Dedekian (Volunteer Program Coordinator)
Svetlana Ordian (Administrator)
Semeon Rogozin
Angela & Sergey Sianissian
Practically Family
Leon Kostrichkin & Eleonora Salitan

“Happiness is when what You think, what You say and what You do are in harmony” – Gandi

Edgar & Oksana Karapetian

We are very happy to be friends of Nicolas and Kate Shaplyko. Every time, when we are in their majestic house-museum we feel rejuvenated and inspired by the beauty that surrounds us.
Venera Matevosian
Elena Yazgur
Art and Music Devoted Admirer
Vadim Petrovisky
Nelli Pavlotsky
Alex Narinsky
Admirer of Katya and Kolya
Dr. Vassili Schedrin
Department of History, Ohio University, Athens, OH

I am privileged to be a friend of two great artists, Ekaterina and Nicholas. I feel at home in their museum. This place and this relationship entitles me, as an historian and art enthusiast, to be present at the creation.

Masha Yankovich
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Irina & Igor Burdenko
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