Living Earth

The paintings at this exhibition are about unity, unity of Man, Nature and Spirit. In one way or another the relationship among these three beginnings have been at the core of philosophy. Over time different approaches and different answers were given as to the nature of this relationship.

Pictures at this exhibition convey the idea that Earth is a living creature, with its own feelings and its own soul. Human on Earth are a part of Earth and are a part of something bigger, something beyond our own comprehension. They are outbound, open in the literal sense of the word—open to open space, open to interpretation, open to esoteric and philosophical understanding of the world.

One of the key themes in these paintings is the Relationship of man and nature; or rather the Connection of man and nature. Man is a part of nature and nature is a part of Man. The paintings inspire contemplation of the unity of the two; they evoke fascination of man over nature, admiration and awe. We feel a part of the grandeur, yet we fear it and yet drawn to it at the same time. We can learn to comprehend nature through meditation and spiritual unity with it.

The paintings likewise reveal the Relationship of Earth and Universe. We realize that the Earth is a Part of something bigger, a bigger whole. We begin to feel the connectedness to the eternal, to the unending truly grand universe.

These paintings make us think and feel. They do not portray something. They are not representation art in the traditional sense. Their purpose is to set off a combination of feelings and thoughts that taker us away. They reveal the Relationship between thought, nature and man, the unity of the tree. We realize that all three are material, all three are part of the whole, all three are blending into one another.

It is hard to clearly delineate a variety of themes in these paintings. We are confronted with eternity, with the blending of early and unearthly, of natural and supernatural human and godly. And finally these paintings make us think about the meaning of life as such. Is happiness, eternity and grandeur achievable? Can Man be free from suffering? The answers are to be searched through contemplation, through meditation through peace inside and unity with nature outside.

– Prof. V.Brovkin