The composition “Moscow” contains fifteen separate oil pastel drawings on black paper 40cm X 40cm each. This composition has been created in several steps, during 2009-2010. Here artists have put together real architectural pieces of Moscow, some of them still exist today and some have been lost forever. Artists have made a research and accumulate a large amount of old photo pictures, sketches and drawings of historic samples of Moscow architecture, which has been used during their work on this composition. Artists would like to say Thank you to the Member of Academy of Architectural Heritage, Corresponding Member of the Russian Academy of Arts, Honored architect of the Russian Federation Victor Bulochnikov for his help during creation of this composition. One of the artwork from this collection now is in The Museum of History of Moscow.

Nicholas and Ekaterina always work together each artwork they create. It is like giving birth to the child need male and female efforts. They never use any preliminary sketches in order to catch the first impression which always gives to their art fresh feeling. The technique they use does not allow to make any mistakes and not permit to do any changes or any corrections, each line, color or movement must be made only once and only right. Technique artists use gives to their works special texture, feeling like tapestry work or rug. They use lines and colors as tread weaving the images and ornaments on paper and each work emanates energy and warmth.

For every Russian Moscow means a lot, but for Nicholas and Ekaterina it is not only a symbol of Russia, they both were born and grow up in Moscow. This city is their home it is a part of their hearts. They love its streets, churches, houses, its unique atmosphere, its long and rich history and it is beautiful. One Russian philosopher said, that beauty is the highest form of love. You can feel it by looking at this artwork created with love, warmth and generosity. Enjoy it.