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We truly hope to see you at our special event. We need your support.

Invitation to Museum of Modern Renaissance

115 College Ave., Somerville

7:00 pm on Saturday, March 19, 2016


“…Come join us to witness the launch of our campaign to achieve National Historic Landmark recognition status for the wondrous Museum of Modern Renaissance (Modren)…” Nicholas & Ekaterina, co-founders.



·        Birthplace of movement at 115 College Avenue in 1920 that is impacting millions of American lives today

·        A step-by-step presentation of the metamorphoses of an undistinguished Masonic temple into the dazzling kaleidoscope that is Modren today. 

·        A special multimedia show with animated cartoons to explore love, art, and creativity with focus of bringing the history of Modren to “life.”

·        Introduction of three new colorful books authored by Modren co-founders.

·        Art auction.

·        Refreshments.



$35 donation (includes one book of your choice)

$100 donation (includes front row seat and two books of your choice)



Donations will be collected at Modren but to reserve a seat in advance, please email Nicholas at shaplyko@gmail.com


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